Custom-designed covering for scale model or diorama

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Custom-designed with high transparency plexi.

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  • Completely protects your precious dioramas or scale models against dust.
  • Made one by one with the dimensions you want, and made of high transparency plexi, folded by heat and glued. Thickness 3 to 6 mm depending on dimensions.
  • Consists of five sides (four sides and the top) and made to be placed onto the base. Upon request, bases made of MDF not stained can be made, in very aesthetic bright black plexi or in MDF covered with a plexi mirror thickness 3mm, ideal for boat/ship models (reflection in the water) or plane models (view from below the wings).
These items cannot be ordered directly on the site and require an estimate (see below).
  • The maximum size allowed is 1.5 meters for any dimension.
  • The price per unit is decreased of approximately 20% for two identical ordered items and 30% for three identical ordered items, hence it is important to make a group order.
  • To give you an idea of the price range, please use the table below as an example :
1)Length 1000mm, depth 200mm, height 250mm, material thickness 5mm for garden tr: 174.84 euros.
MDF base not stained with supporting rabbet : 26.91 euros.
2)Length 770mm, depth 360mm, height 680mm, material thickness 4mm for "Atlas La Licorne" model :
238.69 euros. MDF base with mirror : 43.79 euros.
3)Length 500mm, depth 500mm, height 1000mm, material thickness 5mm, without base : 404.25 euros.
4)Length 300mm, depth 200mm, height 180mm, material thickness 3mm, without base : 83.87 euros.
5)Length 350mm , depth 400mm, height 350mm, material thickness 4mm, for runner helmet
Bright black base with display cabinet supporting rabbet : 44.37 euros
Engraved plate bronze colour, write writing, 2 lines, 70 x 30mm : 18.00 euros.*

June 2012 price inclusive of tax.

* With our engraving machines, we can make personal plates that will truly allow you to customise your model.

More than 25 different colours, many fonts available, sizes from 50 x 15 mm to 500 x 300 mm : please contact us. It is also possible to engrave directly onto the base (bright black plexi base).

These examples are here only to help you estimate the price range for the product you are looking for. Contact us at with the exact dimensions you need and we will address you an estimate within 48 hours, at either your e-mail address or your home mail address.

After you order, it takes approx. 15-20 days for the product to be made.

It is absolutely necessary that we agree on the conditions of delivery because of the fragility of the products : some big size items will have to go on a pallet.

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  • Material - Vitrines et présentoirs en plexi
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    Custom-designed covering for scale model or diorama

    Custom-designed covering for scale model or diorama

    Custom-designed with high transparency plexi.

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