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* Discover the various features of the SOLUTION showcase.


* How to set up a PASSION showcase?

* What are the constitutive elements of a showcase set?


* How to display various-sized objects in a showcase set? (P.B., Paris)

* Why don't you propose a showcase with bottom/back mirror?(H.H., Sanary)


* Discover this display case.

The various features of the SOLUTION showcase / display case.

 SOLUTION Showcase

This layed-down model consists of new and innovative designs in the world of showcases.


Its tunnel design, without higher reinforcement, allows a total vision of your collection
even in narrow spaces like a corridor.
But that's not all.
With SOLUTION showcase...
A Lake of Transparency?

The polycarbonate film acts as the sliding cover ensures an excellent quality of transmission of light.

Do you believe that? This picture is taken with the closed sliding cover!

The Easy Card
Like waxing? Of course not, and neither do us. The showcase is completely dustproof as the seal coat is actually ensured by two angles fixed on the front faces and back of the sliding cover.

Please check the foreground, the partly open cover with its back goes down between the toothed racks.
What If One Is Not Enough?

With a set of toothed racks, you can line up until 5 'type-1' showcases or 3 'type-2' showcases.

Our Standard Showcases, both measuring 1.20 metre (3.93 ft) in length, you will be able to set them on top of each other on the same set of toothed racks.

You may also want to stack two sets of toothed racks in order to double your presentation capacity, or une one as a simple shelf in order to keep boxes of miniatures or train models.
Hold The Line!

Because of a smart openwork design of both sides of the showcases and additional sets of toothed racks, it will allow the access from one showcase to the other. Yes, even your infinite train models will have its own sanctuary from now!

Look for something spectacular, as covering the full width of the wall? Very simple: just ask for custom made additional showcase(s), in the "contact" section.
Let's The Harmony Begin

To match with your room and/or collections, all the composant could be painted. Furthermore, the showcase's background can be painted/flocked or stained, as you wish.


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I1 : The set-up of PASSION showcase.

The creation of a PASSION showcase utilize a covered two-wall panels of a glued panel, aluminium, mineral glass for the shelves and organic glass for the sliding cover.

The completely built showcase will be delivered to you in specially designed packaging to withstand any risk during transportation.


The following photograph shows the setting up of the showcase on the wall, restrained either by the exterior or by the sliding rail.

You can determine by yourself the position of the racks according to your collection. They are adjustable for every 66mm.

The stop support for the shelves are provided. White for the chamois leather lining, brown or black for green or red interiors.

After the showcase has been fixed to the wall (or fixed to a piece of furniture), place the stop support at selected places.

Then, grab a shelf and place it vertically in front of the display case. Run one of its sides through the dust cover (arrow 1), then run the other side through the other dust cover (arrow 2). Let the shelf topple over gently towards its stop supports (arrow 3).

The shelf will turn around the stop to hold itself for rear support.


The sliding cover delivered is ready to be installed.

After removing the protection plastic from each surface of the glass, all you have to do is slightly bend it to make sure it is inserted in the respective sliding rails.




Nota : For photographing purposes, the sliding glass cover is tinted in order to be seen clearly. In reality it is absolutely transparent (model represented with optional shelves).


Your PASSION showcase is now ready to display your collection...

I2 : What are the constitutive elements of a showcase set?

1) Bottom of the box and the attachment unit :
For every corner and the exterior, it consists of 4 metal eyelets for wall fixing, which allows the set to be installed either horizontally or vertically.
2) Inner cover for the nack of the box :

This cover is reversible. You may choose, according to your collections, the same-coloured surface as the showcase or the white side.

This photo shows how the visibility of your display box may change according to your background colour choice. (photograph taken with the cover removed)

Caution : the back of the box is set up before the shelves.
3) Adjustable partitions :
The set is delivered ready-made, and all you need to do is fix the adjustable partitions.
There are 2 types of partitions: long and short, and their position inside of the box depends on your collection.
Caution : Whatever direction your box is installed in, it is always necessary to start by fixing the longest partition first. After all the long partitions have been fixed, then you shall start with the short ones.
In addition to the basic equipments, you can order additional partitions (see "Catalogue" section: accessories and options for EVOLUTION set)

4) The lid and its transparent window :

It closes the box completely thus creating a perfectly dust-free zone for your collections. This lid is removed in order to load the showcase set. The display window is made of flexible plastique, unbreakable, 0.4mm thick that are not easily scratched.
This photo shows not only the the lid cover but also all the elements which are included during the delivery.
Information : The edges of the box consists of a box shock absorber which protect the products againts possible shocks during transportation or handling.
5) Special purposes :
You can modify your EVOLUTION set to your object collections by anticipating various-size boxes. Put your objects on the back of the box, this way you will know where to cut the partitions (to use a cutter, the children will ask for help from an adult)
Precaution : To ensure a good grasp of the modified partitions, predict the cut on the extreme edge of the notch.


R1 : How to display various-sized objects in a showcase set?

Certain customers entrusted us with photographs of their modified and cut partitions, which allowed them to arrange and display objects of different sizes.

R2 : Why don't you propose a showcase with back mirror?

Our first showcase is equipped with back mirror. We have been acknowledged immediately by our customers that the mirror lit it well but more often than not, the reflections distract the observation of the collections (photo attached). In fact, these tiny models are being emphasized better with white background. On top of that, there are more transport risk for the mirror delivery, thus it is abandoned.

VISION showcase
Information on VISION showcase (soon...)