, was created by collectors.

Our purpose is to give you many ways to enhance, maintain therefore animate your collections whilst keeping in mind the important thing, that is your models : we wish that our products are simple, moderate and discreet.




For this purpose, we create and made you not only display cases but also
its accessories, storage cabinets, box sets and archives...
And in time, the offers are all improving for your pleasure.




Basically, it is necessary to fulfill several objectives :


  • To reach an excellent quality of display.
  • To ensure a good protection to the models.
  • To allow the evolution and progress of the collections.
  • To bring an innovative aesthetic value.
  • To have a reasonable price.

For that, we created a total concept and manufacturing processes which takes into account all these criterias at all times :


  • Optimisation of manufacturing costs and transport fees upon designing,
  • Rationalisation of product ranges and series production,
  • Use of composite materials and other components widely used in industries,
  • Special tools are made and their patents are introduced.
Each one of our new references is launched in small series, directed to potential customers at first : it's a test period. It is only later afterwards then it is decided whether to produce it in large series.

Vitrine de voitures