An additional shelf in your display cabinets

Published on 2014-03-05

  • An additional shelf in your display cabinets

Every collector has wanted once in his collector life to add a level in his display cabinet, because we all know it very well, our collection tend to grow day by day. Vitrineactuelle has well understood that need and has developped an exclusive offer that finaly gives you the opportunity to add new glass shelves in your display cabinets. An economic and amazing solution that will save you the cost of a new display cabinet !


How can I be sure that the shelf will adapt my display cabinet?

There is a wide variety of choices: there are glas shelves on 1 or 2 levels and each are available in different sizes.


Lengh: 18 cm - 29 cm - 48 cm or 58 cm
Width / Depth: 11,5 cm - 15 cm or 25 cm
Hight : 7 cm - 10 cm and 15 cm for 1 level shelves // 2 x 7 cm ou 2 x 10 cm for 2 level shelves.


Despite that offer, you didn’t find anything to suit you? Contact us for personnalized estimates and details on our tailor-made offers.


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