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Published on 2014-03-05

  • Medal stands

We offer you this week, the possibility to discover the display stands that we designed specially for your medal collections.

If you have a specific wants and needs, don't forget that you can also contact us by phone or email for estimates and details, or even for a project of a tailor-made display cabinet.


First, discover our models of display stands for medals designed with an L shape, perfect to expose your medals with ribbon. Different displays are available, one with a gap to slip the ribbon in order to hold the medal, another one with a little hook to hold the ribbon.

vitrine L


Then there are the display stands for medals in a J shape, that have two little round tabs holding the medal (or coin) on the base. That sort of display is available in black or  transparent, with a plexiglas thickness of 2,5 mm or 4 mm and in different width sizes: 45mm, 60mm or 80 mm.

medaille J


And finaly, we also have a J shapped medal display that can expose various medals one next to the other.

medaille J multipleClick here to see all our display stands for medals.


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